Screencastify is a simply and easy way to record your browser window and share to  YouTube for your students to easily access. As a district we’ve made this extension available on Chrome (as long as you are signed in with your district provided Google account).

To get started: Click the Logo on your browser, it will redirect you to a sign-in page.

From there, be sure to click “Sign in with Google” – and use your RE3J provided Google account.

You will be prompted to allow access to your Google Drive (this is where it will save your videos), make sure to click Allow.

Now that you’re signed in, you’ll notice a warning when you click on the icon that says there is a “5 minute limit” on your videos.

Thankfully, Screencastify has made the upgraded version available to teachers/staff who are affected by COVID-19 related closures. See this article: 

You’ll simply need to click “Upgrade” and proceed through the steps and enter the code on the article above (CAST_COVID).  They do not require a credit card or a promise to extend coverage after this is over.

Screencastify has provided several resources to learn how to use their product to better support your virtual classroom.
Please view them here:

Screencastify Tutorial: Narrate Over Your Google Slides

This tutorial will show you how to narrate your Google Slides presentation and create a shareable video using Screencastify.
6.44 minutes

How to Use Screencastify for Teaching Online / Distance Learning (Free Webinar)

This is the archive of our live webinar hosted on 3-18-2020 about using Screencastify, a free, easy to use screencasting extension. Screencasting is recording your screen, voice, and if you choose, a video of you speaking all at the same time. They’re great for giving directions, explaining things, or student products.
1:04:13 minutes

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