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How To Create New Google Sites Using Templates
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This how to create a Google Site tutorial will show you how to use the new Sites templates to create sites for teachers, business, and more.

13.14 minutes

Top 10 Tips for Google Sites for Beginner and Power User
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In this video we look at my Top 10 Tips for beginners and advanced users of Google Sites. These 10 tips will help you create better looking Sites and add features you will love!

10.01 minutes

Google Sites Templates
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Save time and get more work done, faster with templates. Help your students, colleagues or anyone using Google Sites, quickly create a professional looking website with just a few clicks!

2.02 minutes

How To Create a Website in Google Sites for Free
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For Immediate/Advanced Users:
This is a complete overview of All the options and features of Google Sites. Follow along and start creating your website for Free using this easy to use editor.

23.28 minutes

0:00 Video Overview and Intro
0:45 Why create a Website. Plan your Website carefully.
1:23 Update: When was your website last updated. Let your visitors know!
1:45 Get started with the URL
2:00 Using the App Launcher and creating a file.
2:16 Title your document
2:35 The difference between a filename and a Website name.
3:00 Collaboration is Key
3:10 Invite Collaborators to help with the website
4:00 Using the Themes in Google Sites These will help you select font and colors.
4:24 Font in Themes
4:35 Custom color with a HEX code
4:45 Change the title of your page
4:55 Banner types. Different headers for different pages
5:20 Custom images for your banner Go ahead and try using Gifs as well!
5:46 Upload an image
6:00 Website Footer - Great for links and Copyright
6:35 Change the look of sections
7:14 Add your Logo and Favicon
7:39 Cards to Designing in Google
7:50 Adding the Favicon
8:26 Menu orientation (Only for Websites with multiple pages)
9:00 Add pages and Subpages
9:52 Hide from navigation
10:10 Rearrange Pages
10:40 Linking to external links
11:14 Deleting pages
11:45 Insert a layout (Template)
12:20 Resizing elements
12:50 Moving element
13:05 Other insert options
13:35 Table of contents
14:25 Video on Embedding Html and code
14:40 Animated button Video Link
15:12 Linking to an anchor on a page
16:20 Insert a YouTube video
17:45 Insert a Google File or Document (It will be live and as changes are added, these are reflected on the website)
18:20 Embed by simply using a link or url
19:00 Preview the website (Icon has changed to reflect devices)
19:30 Publish your website
20:20 everything your need to know about Linking to a custom Domain.
20:55 Link to video on mapping a domain in G Suite
21:15 Mapping a custom domain to a private Google Account Google Sites

Guide to Google Sites in 2020
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8.42 minutes

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