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Interactive slide deck in google slide in g sites with a weeks worth of assignments

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In this edWebinar, examine good practices for at-home learning, discover why packaging digital assignments is important and a few tips for how to do it, and explore two tools for efficiently packaging digital assignments. At the end of this edWebinar, viewers will feel better prepared to create digital assignments in either Google Slides, Seesaw, or both, so that students will be able to easily navigate them at home.

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With this new update to Google Sheets, we can now add multiple links in a single cell! This is an amazing addition

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Increased Engagement using Pear Deck while Distance Learning

Peardeck Add-on for Google Slides makes the slides and presentations you already have made interactive and more engaging for your students

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Getting Started with Pear Deck to Make Your Google Slides Presentations Interactive

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make interactive Google Slides for your students. This is like a hyperdoc in Google Slides. Include videos, links, images. Link assessments from Google Forms and direct links to assignment in Google Classroom. Learn how to make a table of contents that directly links to other slides and so much more!

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