Chrome Remote Desktop

Offer your students remote support on their Chromebooks!  If your student is having an issue on their Chromebook and you would like to see their screen in order to help them, use Chrome Remote Desktop and you will be able to access their screen remotely in order to resolve their issue!

Sad and scared young boy with computer laptop asking for help

This can all be accomplished with just a few simple steps:

  1. Ask the student having issues to go to
  2. Have them click “Get Support” – this will prompt them to add an extension
  3. Once they are connected, it will give them an “Access Code” that they will need to provide to you.
  4. You will then need to enter that access code into the “Give Support” section of
  5. After you’ve entered their access code, it will prompt them to allow you to connect. All they need to do is click “Allow” and you’ll be able to control the Chromebook to assist them with any of the problems they might be facing.

If you would like to go further with it, please Click here to access full instructions for installing and using this app.  You will find information on how to:

  • Set up remote access on your computer
  • Share your computer with someone else
  • Access another computer remotely and give remote support
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