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The RE3J Technology Department has developed this site as a resource for teachers to get assistance and training for all the online technology tools used within the district.

Please use these resources to strengthen your skills and help make your students digital learning experience as effective as in a traditional classroom.

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Is your laptop up to date?   When was the last time you ran your updates?

There are  firmware and driver updates that are extremely important for your device, and if these updates aren't completed, you may have issues like camera/microphone failure, jumping curser, random shutdowns, crackling audio, and various other issues.   

Click here for details on how to do your Windows updates and what you need to check for to make sure that your device gets the proper updates so that you don't get stuck with annoying computer issues!

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Missing Emails?

If you have emails that you were expecting but haven't received, check your Spam folder!  If you have emails that keep going to your spam folder that shouldn't be, click here to learn how to keep them out of your Spam folder.


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Shopping for a new personal device for you or your family?

The Dell Education Purchase Program offers discounts and exclusive offers to staff, students and families!

Shop online through your Education Purchase Program storewww.dell.com/mpp/re3

What is Blended Learning?

What is blended learning? Blended learning is an education technique involving a combination of online materials and in-person instruction. Flipped classroom is a type of blended learning where students view their lecture material at home and do coursework in class.

6.5 minutes

This is a super Short Read with ideas on where to start and what to do.  Explore videos that showcase evidence-based learning practices in K-12 schools, and see our core strategies and key topics in action.

Resourse for Organizing Remote Learning Content

Everything is linked into one weekly presentation and can be used with google slide or PowerPoint. An extension on chrome, I believe and the presentation includes instructions on how to use.

Support for your Dell Stylus

For help , troubleshooting, and frequently asked questions for your Dell 2n1 Stylus, visit Dell Active Pen PN579X Support Center.

For More Teacher Resources

Click here to check our our Other Teacher Resources page

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Feedback/ Additions

If you have resources, personal teaching videos or other things that might benefit others, please email jessicaslocomb@re3j.com to get the resources added on this website.

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