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Resources for students and parents to learn about Google Classroom

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Google Classroom Introduction
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For a quick introduction on Google Classroom and how students complete assignments, watch this video.

A PDF on how to get started can be found HERE

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Parents Guide to Google Classroom in 2020
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Think of Google Classroom as your child’s digital link to learning. Teachers use Google Classroom to share assignments, homework, newsletters, and much more with students AND parents!

3.53 minutes

Parent’s Guide to Student Email Summary in Google Classroom
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Teachers have the ability to send parents a summary of what is going on in their student's Google Classroom. Take a look at this video to see what information you may receive and how to get it!

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How to Ask Your Teacher a Private Question in Google Classroom
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Watch this video to find out how to send a private message to your teacher In Google Classroom. You can ask a question that the whole class can see, or you can send a direct message to the Teacher.

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How to Upload a Photo to Google Classroom Assignments
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Learn how you can take a photo from your phone or tablet and send it as an assignment to your Google Classroom.

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How to Find When Your Google Assignment are Due
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How to find all your upcoming assignments in Google Classroom and see when they are due.

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