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Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Must-have Google Chrome Extensions for teachers. In this education technology tutorial, Sam Kary shows teachers the most important Google Chrome Extensions for improving instruction, engagement, and organization.
For more videos like this visit the New EdTech Classroom page at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd6vizTYlSgpR6zJ8j5KiyA

Google Certified Educator Level 1

Gain confidence and an understanding of how to use Google tools in the classroom.


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movement activities free site  gonoodle.com

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Make any video your lesson - Choose a video, give it your magic touch and track your students' comprehension.

Reinforce accountability - Check if students are watching your videos, how many times they're watching each section, and if they're understanding the content.

Engage students - Introduce students to self-paced learning with interactive video lessons. It's easy to add your own voice narration and questions!

Save time - Use videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, Crash Course and more. If you'd rather record and upload your own video, go for it!


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Need a fully interactive and easy to use Whiteboard? Does it have to be online and work on every device? Don't want to register and sign up for an account? Want to give access to your students without sharing their info?


Differentiating Instruction to Reach All Students

Rotation stations allow students to learn in a range of modalities, while making differentiation manageable for one teacher.

5.15 minutes

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Bookmark Anything--Save the best educational content you find on the web. This can be articles, resources, videos, social media posts, podcasts and more!

Organize and curate--Organize this content into engaging and meaningful collections. You can add your own notes, images, videos and PDF's to add context and tell a story.

Collaborate and share--Team-work makes the dream work! Invite other educators and students to contribute to your collections. Share your ideas, lesson plans, newsletters and assignments with whoever you want! A powerful storytelling tool for you and your students

Wakelet works seamlessly with your favourite apps and tools, like Google Classroom, Remind, Google Drive, Flipgrid, and many more.


How to Run Literacy Centers - Part 1

This is a two-part video series of a step-by-step guide to operating literacy centers in an elementary classroom, particularly primary grades. This model of centers would allow the teacher to spend time teaching small group instruction to her students.

How to Run Literacy Centers - Part 2

This is Part 2 of the video series "How to Teach Literacy Centers". This model of centers would allow the teacher to spend time teaching small group instruction to her students. Take a look inside my classroom to see pictures and other resources used during literacy centers.

Math Rotations | Naturally Elementary

These tips and tricks can be used across many grade levels

How To Organize ELA Centers

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